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Tha Alkaholiks,
The Next Level 12"

You got a bad name like Dick Butkus..

The opening salvo of sorts by J-Ro on this tune from the group’s “Coast II Coast” album was definite dopeness to many, and the fact that it was produced by and featured Diamond D of Diggin’ In The Crates fame was just the icing on the cake.  However, if you’re like me and found the 12”, you found the remix, and it was a case of the student impressing the teacher, where E-Swift provides a backdrop that’s just as gritty and knocking as any soundscape DITC would’ve provided in the mid to late 90s that you would’ve enjoyed.  So here it is, for your ears today, the remix to Tha Alkaholiks’ “The Next Level.”  TURN THAT SHIT UP BSIIIIIIIDERRRRS. 

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Organized Konfusion,
Stress 12"

What up my B-Siders? It’s Friday! Hope you’re gonna spend your weekend frequenting your local record store to find some of the dopeness I post here.  All the mom and pop record shops need your support.  I’m gonna try getting my hunt on for the Notorious B.I.G “Life After Death” reissue, Childish Gambino’s “Because The Internet,” Eyedea’s “Oliver Hart: How Eye Won The Right Too Think,” Atmosphere’s “Lake Nokomis,” and OutKast’s “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” all on vinyl, if I can make it to my record store in time before they sell out of all that goodness.  

I digress.  Given the news that Pharoahe Monch has just put out his new album, “PTSD” for streaming, and on the same week that we’re all celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nas’s “Illmatic,” I figured this one was too good to pass up for posting purposes.  Many of us recall Organized Konfusion and how every Hip-Hop head lost their shit when “Stress” came out, and if you’re a 12” head like myself, you recognized this nice remix by none other than Large Professor, who also lends a verse to the remix as well.  It’s a jazzier, and more chill remix, and while it loses the urgency of the original, it doesn’t take away from its intensity all the same.  So here you are BSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDERRRRRSSSS, the Large Professor remix to Organized Konfusion’s “Stress.”  TURN THAT SHIT UP and happy Record Store Day 2014 to you and yours!

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Time 4 Sum Aksion 12"

Those who know me at B-Sides and Bullshit, know I’m a fan of the RAWEST of the B-Sides.  Dingy breakbeats that emphasize the low-end of everything from bass to drums.  Redman’s “Time 4 Sum Aksion” was always a tune I was in love with, especially how they reinterpreted B-Real’s classic line from “How I Could Just Kill A Man,” and turn it into something that now garners massive play in arenas.  Before the lawd Yeezus himself delivered “Graduation” from the heavens and provided us with stadium rap, it was Redman that was already in there.  If you own this 12” like I do, you get to hear something else; the drums from “Sing A Simple Song” looped in as the main percussion line, to give the song a more rough around the edges feel.  I’m definitely more a fan of this remix than the original, and I’m sure after hearing it, you’ll feel the same.  Enjoy my BSIIIIIIIIIIIDERRRRRRRRRSSS! TURN THAT SHIT UP! 


Something for y’all to chill to on a Tuesday.  Plus seeing as how this didn’t make Q’s “Oxymoron,” figured it was good enough to revisit for all y’all.  


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Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder): The Tribute 12"

Smoothness on a Monday is always needed, right? All of us working way too hard and such, especially the stresses of Monday weighing down on everyone.  So I figured something smooth is the remedy.  You may recall seeing on this blog a reblog of sorts of Maxwell’s “Sumthin’ Sumthin’ (Mellosmooth Remix)” way back, but if you were one of the few who bought the  ”Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)”  cassette single, maxi-CD single or vinyl, got blessed with this here of a bonus jam.  Definitely a smooth two-stepping number of sorts.  So here it is for your today my BSIIIIIDDERRRRRRSSSS! Enjoy, and TURN THAT SHIT UP!

Such a great remix from DMV native Oddisee. Plus, seeing how José James has announced a new album for June on the horizon, made me want to show you this dope remix Oddisee did, which can be found on the “Come To My Door” EP. Enjoy my fellow BSIIIIIIIIDEEEERRRS, and as always, TURN THAT UP!

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8 Mile (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

There’s not a lot of chances that you get a rare and exclusive B-side from Eminem.  Heck, when I previously posted up his rendition of the Black Moon reworking cut “Don’t Front,” it was hard to find people who didn’t have a shit fit to hear Em spitting like that.  Additionally, many words have been traded back and forth about where Em was at, and where Em was kind of sick of it all.  If there was any audio evidence to show that, it came in the form of a bonus CD on the special edition, which pretty much got scooped up with a quickness if you bought it.  Eminem had contributed a b-side called “Stimulate” which outlined his stresses with the masses and congress to a large degree, and how it took a toll on him at his peak, and it’s not a song that gets looked at too much.  Given the very oft-kilter beat (produced by Eminem), and just even reading the lyrics, you see how heavy it weighs on him, which would give way to why we got stuff like Relapse, Recovery, and MMLP2 to a large extent.    Anyways, take a listen, and as always, enjoy my BSIIIIIIIIDERRRSSS, TURN THAT SHIT UP!

We on the book of face now? Aiight den:


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BSIIIIIIIIIIIIIDERRRRRRRRSSSSSS.  I had a deep internal debate as to whether to hit you with something smooth or a dome-cracking remix to get your Saturday night off to the proper start.  Alas, I ended up with this decision.  Many are aware of the man they call Fat Joe, aka Don Cartegena, aka Joey Crack, ringleader of the Terror Squad.  Lots of you are also familiar, prior to all the nicknames, that he was known as Fat Joe Da Gangsta, on his first release for Relativity, “Represent.”  ”Watch The Sound” was a Diamond D produced banger, but if you own this 12” like the true diggers you are (myself included) you are aware of this special gem of a remix done by The Beatnuts (Psycho Les & JuJu).  With cameos from Grand Puba and Diamond D, you can’t go wrong with this cut, at all.  So here is the “Watch The Sound” remix.  Enjoy, and as always, TURN THAT SHIT UP!



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